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October 31, 2011

Yet Another Google Search Experiment

Google tests a new search interface that brings back the icons for specialized search engines, but displays them in a horizontal list, below the search box. The icons are redundant right now, but they might replace the list from the sidebar, just like in the experimental interface for tablets.


  1. Omg 3 times the same link...
    In the black bar, the icons and on the left

  2. @Anonymous On Facebook there is similar situation - Your account through Profile image (tope left), by account name (top right) and Link (left navigation) :) Maybe it better than A/B test, who know..

  3. For use this interface, find the cookie named NID and change the value with: 52=qI2jCnEhPdLV9WtEDwjeeUel860A1fjXNWsaCpdYdpCHsQE0iv3UalX7XkkLHYPtuMb85LwMolDEy3wBoFPEkAVN6Ssxm2aNbQhumvA3EV_p5meOEEq863KlZ2DwdVpT

  4. I think they are testing where the people would click the most with some of heatmap controll. I would do this too!


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