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October 14, 2011

Disable Blogger's Dynamic Views

If you don't like Blogger's Dynamic Views, but your favorite blog enabled one of them, there's a way to go back to the previous template: just add &v=0 to the URL. For example, here's the URL for Gmail's blog:

Unfortunately, the change is not persistent and you need to add the parameter every time you visit the homepage or one of the posts. You can also bookmark the URL.


  1. This...

    Google has made it default on some of their most popular blogs and they break on mobile browsers and even on desktop browsers with javascript disabled.

    I wish someone makes a browser extension that disables it automatically on all Blogger blogs.

  2. Is there a way to stop people from seeing you old site/layout.

  3. @Sushubh:

    It's not so hard to create a Greasemonkey script that redirects all ** URLs to **?v=0.


    Fortunately, no. It's there so that the site is still accessible if JavaScript is disabled or you're using a mobile phone.

  4. @alex i guess redirection would make it a headache to browser blogger blogs. i really hope google improves browser detection for their dynamic templates and serve a simpler version on browsers which are not capable of handling their ajaxy shit. :)

  5. @Sushubh that what i said a long time ago... maybe Google need to buy WordPress... simple, problem solved.. they had all the money, isn't they ?

    i rarely use blogger now...:-(

  6. The string ?v=0 works for me only for the "Home" page of the blog.

    The "Next" page of the blog is inaccessible even though i add the string to the end of url, like this:

    Who knows, what to do?

  7. Instead of appending ?v=0 to the end of a URL that already contains a "?", try &v=0

    Should work...

  8. OMG. how could i change it back!!

  9. Hi... There is no potion to disable this dynamic views? I want to get rid of them.

  10. Dynamic View have many error in webmaster google..

  11. Most of the blogs offer an option for RSS feed which modern browsers can handle. I find the RSS view quite acceptable compared to the dynamic view. So the magic is to find the URL of the RSS feed or to try to guess it. It would look like something like this:

    Hope this helps


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