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December 6, 2011

10 Billion Downloads in the Android Market

Google announced that the Android Market "exceeded 10 billion app downloads". The number is impressive, considering that the number of downloads was 1 billion in July 2010, but it's still lower than the number of downloads from Apple's App Store. In January, Apple announced that over 10 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store. In July, the number grew to 15 billion downloads and it's likely that Apple will soon announce 20 billion downloads.

Google will celebrate the milestone by offering many popular apps for only 10 cents. "Starting today for the next 10 days, we'll have a new set of awesome apps available each day for only 10 cents each. Today, we are starting with Asphalt 6 HD ($6.99), Color & Draw for Kids ($0.99), Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro ($3.99), Fieldrunners HD ($2.99), Great Little War Game ($2.99), Minecraft ($6.99), Paper Camera ($1.99), Sketchbook Mobile ($1.99), Soundhound Infinity ($4.99), Swiftkey X ($3.99)," informs Google. Probably the most useful app is Swiftkey X, a really smart virtual keyboard, but you can download all the apps for only one dollar.


  1. great promotion and good idea!! ;-)
    Sure the developers will be pleased to have more customers, but what about the cost of the development? Sure worth it?
    And what about the customers who paid the original prize? They do not believe that they're being cheated? Mmmm...

  2. Apple knowing that Android will be overtaking them in the app download count will probably mean they'll make less of a hoo-har about Apple's download count. Even though they may get to 20bn first, I reckon they'll not announce it. Otherwise, they're absence of announcement will be seen as the point for when they've actually been overtaken.

  3. this is great news. android will continue to grow due to its device variety.

  4. Finally they have hit 10 billion sales. Congratulations to them, that is a pretty impressive number. Android is starting to become a huge thing, well something huger.

    Going to be downloading some of the 10cents apps. :)

  5. wow, so many downloads... :-) it getting better for android, apple should be worry...


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