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December 17, 2011

Google's Snowy Easter Egg

If you search for [let it snow] using Google, you'll have a hard time checking the search results. Google uses a JavaScript animation that adds some snowflakes and covers the entire page with snow.

Fortunately, Google added a "defrost" button that makes the search results reappear. You can also click anywhere on the page and move your mouse to "defrost" the page or draw something. Click the "+" button and you can share the Easter egg with other Google+ users.

{ Thanks, Venkat. }


  1. And you can write something in the frost and share this drawing to Google+. Nice one!

  2. That opens a whole lot of new possibilities:
    let it rain
    let it fog
    let it hail
    let it storm
    let it sun
    let it meteor shower
    ... running out of ideas here

  3. Apparently it doesn't work on iOS devices... any particular reason why? - Surely the browser can render the JS?

  4. This is cool! I have chills watching this. lol

  5. Wordpress has been supporting this feature in some of their themes each year in December for some years now, although they don't have a defrosting button to go with it.

  6. hey its freezin out has really set a christmas mood for all users

  7. What happened to google news quotes? can you still access it?

  8. I love it! For someone who hasn't experienced snow before, this is a great experience! I hope they leave it be until Christmas. I'm planning on showing this to my family via a projector on Christmas eve. :)

  9. How to Add Google Cloud Print Button to Website here

  10. wow, i like this feature... snowy snowy day :-) google really creative

  11. YouTube has it's own version of this Easter Egg, as far as I can tell only on newly uploaded videos.


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