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December 21, 2011

Google's Christmas Decorations

It's no longer a surprise, since it happens every year. Google shows a colorful bar above the search results when you search for [Christmas], [Xmas] and other Christmas-related queries. There's also a special bar for Hanukkah.

You can also check the decorations from 2006, 200720082010, when Google also celebrated Kwanzaa and Festivus, the famous Seinfeld holiday.

{ Thanks, Venkat. }


  1. When did you get arrow next to the Google logo? I still have black bar on the top of the screen.

    1. The menu should be available if you use in English.

  2. The Xmas bar is not showing on mobile phone, classic view, severe bug?

  3. Flickr has something similar.

  4. @Anonymous
    It isn't fully rolled out yet - also Google Apps users can only use the Black Bar

  5. Deepavali is also a festival of light, why there is no light?? maybe they should be more indian engineer at Google to do this :-)

  6. Yeah. It's always been that way. I do wish that could make it more awesome than it is right now. It's kind of plain to be honest. But it still looks good, just expecting a lot from Google. ;)

  7. Try Searching for Kwanzaa,


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