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December 9, 2011

Gmail Integrates With Google+

It looks like not only Google Contacts integrates with Google+. Gmail also added many features that make it easier to share files in Google+, add new people to your circles and find messages from these circles.

A lot of people complained that you can't find the messages sent or received by the members of a group. This feature is still not available, but you can restrict the messages to a circle. Gmail now displays the list of circles below the labels and you can use it to find mail from your family, friends, colleagues etc. It's obvious that groups are now less important than circles, even though I don't think they'll disappear.

"If you've spent time building your Google+ circles, you can now quickly use them to filter your mail, saving yourself from having to sift through that pile of daily deal emails and newsletters. You can see messages from all of your circles at once or from each individual circle. And if you want, you can show circle names on emails in your inbox. Contacts can also be filtered by circles, making it easier to view your social connections."

You can now add someone to a circle from the widget displayed in the right sidebar. There's also an easy way to share pictures from an email to Google+: just click "share" next to the attachment.

{ Thanks, Petros and Joost. }


  1. Interesting. I'm an Apps user and my GMail is showing Circles but my Contacts is still the old interface.

    One thing I haven't figured out is how to use Circles in the search box, so I could see the unread messages from a circle or something like that.

  2. One more thing expected is to see the uread content of the circles.

  3. Indeed this is so half-assed. I can see the unread count for my circles but can't actually see any unread emails. If Google is wondering why G+ etc is not taking off like Facebook they only need to look at this. It's typical of their overall half-assed approach to everything except search and maps imho.


  4. i have to agree with Dave Sag. i love and admire the Do No Evil mantra, but this habit of delivering unfinished features and not bothering to resolve them on timely manner is gradually causing Google to be left in the dust for everything social-related.

  5. It's a shame they haven't done the same for groups


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