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October 24, 2012

Docs, Sheets, Slides - Short Names for Google Drive Apps

Google Docs meant a lot of things: the service that allowed you to store files online, the online word processing app, the service that included online editors for documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Now Google Drive is the name of the file storage service and Google Docs is only the word processing app. Sheets replaces Google Spreadsheets, while Slides replaces Google Presentations.

The new names are shorter and less generic, so they're better suited for shortcuts. Chrome OS already includes shortcuts to the apps, but you can manually install them in Chrome - Docs, Sheets, Slides. The Chrome apps only create a new document, spreadsheet or presentation. If you're using other browsers, you can simply bookmark: New document, New spreadsheet, New presentation.



  1. There is also an app for Drawings in the Chrome Web Store, but it has the same icon as Slides for some reason. Inside of Google Drive the Drawings files have a circle and square icon that should have been used. (UPDATE: I just searched for the app again and now it has the right icon. I just need to update) Google didn't focus on this app most likely because it doesn't get used as much.

    Also, there is another app for Fusion Tables (experimental). That never got mentioned either, but I think you can figure out why.

    Also another app icon for Forms exists, but forms are just a special part of Sheets really.

    Here are the links:

    Fusion Tables:


    1. Tried the link for "Forms" but the only form is a "Question" form.Is the a link for all forms?

    2. The Forms links works for me. I installed the app. I'm not sure what you mean by "Question" form. You should be able to edit fields however you see fit. Forms is one area that I think Google could improve though.

    3. OK,I think I must be confusing "Forms" with the "Template" gallery.I see the difference now. Would there be a similar app for templates?

  2. Thanks for the links. Without them I'm sure I would never have found these apps. Odd that Google does not promote these much.

  3. This is a big improvement for google chrome

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