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April 17, 2013

Google Babel in Gmail

As Droid Life previously reported, Google already tests Babel, an unified messaging service that combines Google Talk, Gmail Chat, Google+ Messenger. There's a Gmail page that mentions "dogfooding Babel in Gmail" and it's supposed to be available only to Google employees.

"Upgrade Chat to Babel! Babel is Google's new messenger with clients for Android, iOS, Chrome, Google+ and Gmail. Access the same conversation list from anywhere!" That's how Google describes the new service.

"Some of the new features:

* A new, conversation-based UI
* Advanced group conversations
* Send pictures
* Improved notifications across devices."

It looks like you can go back to the Gmail Chat interface: "You're about to revert the Babel chat client to the old Gmail chat client. You can always opt in back from the chat roster menu."

Here's a screenshot (it's this image):

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  1. Screenshot looks much much cleaner. Cannot wait for the launch!

  2. Just not too keen on the name though. Babel? To me,it seems to demean the function.

  3. Any news when will be available

  4. I too dislike the name “Babel”. Also, the lack of status icons concerns me.

  5. -> "The requested URL /babel?hl=en was not found on this server. That's all we know." -> "We're sorry, but the information you've requested cannot be found. Please try searching or browsing the Help Center."

  6. @Gamer_Z el estado aparentemente aparece bajo el icono de la foto (hay una linea azul)

  7. I do not understand what is the point of brand new chat product.
    Google Talk/Chat uses industry standard XMPP protocol. All they need to do is create new good clients for all platformat...Why reinvent the wheel?

    1. my understanding is it is NOT a new chat product, yet a unification of all the existing chat services google provides. So not really "re-inventing the wheel" as opposed to cleaning that wheel up.

  8. I fear the worst that this is going to suck like the new todo list keep. Stop making new products with stupid names. Just fix the products you have.

  9. I agree with mxx. I didn't get the benefit of new project. I already have the same contact list for gmail chat, google talk, etc.

    I'm still using the good old google talk client for Windows. Why on earth they stopped developing it?

  10. I miss wave so much, hope this lean to that side.

  11. Too excited for Babel hope its everything I have waited for.


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