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April 2, 2013

Chrome's Context-Sensitive Spell Checker Works Offline

Avi, a reader of this blog, found a great way to illustrate the enhanced spell checking feature from Chrome 26. Just type this short text:

"Is tehre a solution to tehre problem for when tehre traveling?"

I've compared Chrome 25 and Chrome 26. The difference is striking: Chrome 25 shows the same suggestions for the 3 spelling errors ("there", "ether", "three", "Tehran"), while Chrome 26 shows different suggestions for each mistake.

Here's the contextual menu from Chrome 25:

... and here are the suggestions from Chrome 26:

The most interesting thing is that Chrome shows the same suggestions even if you disable "ask Google for suggestions", so they're generated locally (only the errors with a green underline are detected by the web service). Obviously, the web service is useful in other cases, but it's surprising to see that Chrome's context-sensitive spell checking works offline, even if only in a limited way.


  1. Replies
    1. The spell check feature is not in the OSx version...

  2. Now, I have Chrome 26, but it still shows me the same propositions of corrections as in your menu above for Chrome 25. And this for all 3 words. Any suggestions?

  3. I figured out a way to make the example even better!
    Try this:

    Is tehre a solution to tehre problems for when tehre traveling over the next tehre months?

    It gets the last one right too!


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