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April 7, 2013

Create a Google Account Without a Gmail Address

Last year, I wrote a post about a new sign up form that created a Gmail account, a Google profile and a Google+ account instead of a simple Google account. At that time, the updated form was available when you clicked "sign in" and then "sign up" from Google's homepage, but now it's displayed for many more Google services (some exceptions: Google Calendar, Google Books, Google Wallet) and it no longer asks you to join Google+.

It's interesting to notice that the only Google service that uses the new form and lets you use your own email address is Google Drive. You just click "I prefer to use my current email address" and skip creating a Gmail account. Here's the link to this version of the form:

You can also use URLs like: to see the old form.

{ Thanks, Herin. }


  1. What a crock. I tried it SEVERAL times, it wouldn't create an Account. It would keep telling me, It couldn't create(?) a Google account at this time. Try again later.
    Yeah, I'll try again... Just as soon as my Butt-Hole Learns How To Chew Gum.
    7734! It took Google FIVE Years to get my gMail to work. I could Receive Mail, but I couldn't Open, Compose, Send or anything else. Couldn't get help from Google or their Fictitious Forum of Geniuses.
    I've come to accept the fact, Customer Service Is Dead on Google, Microsoft and similar Sites.

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  5. How do you change your password on Gmail?

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