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September 25, 2014

Obscure Google Maps Results

When you add "google maps" or "map" to a Google query related to a location, it's likely that you'll see a Google Maps card. For example, searching for [google maps bop], [map bop] or [bop map] returns a map for the Bouar Airport (BOP) from the Central African Republic.

Sometimes this feature doesn't work very well. I searched for [google maps location history] and Google returned this map for Location History Collection, a museum from Hungary that appears to be permanently closed. It's obvious that the Google Maps Location History page is more important and should be displayed first.

What about [google maps 2014]?

And it's not just about Hungary.

There's even a map for Street View:

And maps for "distance" and "navigation":

Even Larry Page has a Google Maps card.

Android too.

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