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September 6, 2014

Gmail, Powered by Google

For some reason, Gmail shows a new message at the bottom of the page: "powered by Google". This was already used by the Google Apps version of Gmail, so it's not clear if the new attribution is placed by mistake in the standard Gmail.

"Powered by Google" makes sense in Google Apps, which offers white-label versions of Google's consumer services, but it feels out of place in a regular Google service.

Google also uses "powered by Google" for custom search engines, "powered by Google Translate" for Google Translate gadgets, "powered by Google Drive" for forms, "powered by Google App Engine" for App Engine sites, "powered by Blogger" for Blogger blogs, "powered by Google Sites" for sites created using Google Sites. These attribution messages are displayed for pages, gadgets, sites created using Google's technology.

{ Thanks, PhistucK. }

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