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September 27, 2014

Android Verification Code for Google Accounts

When you're signing in to a Google account from a different country, Google asks you to confirm your identity. You can enter your recovery email address or phone number, enter a verification code received in an SMS messages or voice call and now you can enter a code generated by your Android device.

"If you're signing in from a different location than you usually do, we may ask you to enter a code from the Google Settings app on your Android phone or tablet to make sure you own the account. You don't need an internet connection or phone/SMS connectivity to get codes using this app."

The Google Settings app is the UI for Google Play Services, Google's framework that delivers new features and APIs without installing a new Android version. It has nothing to do with the built-in Settings app, which is part of the operating system and can't be updated by Google.

The verification code has 8 digits and it can be obtained by opening the Google Settings app, tapping the menu button and selecting "Get verification code".

{ Thanks, Herin Maru. }


  1. I'm Sorry About That. But What Is My Verification Code! :(

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah I'm having trouble getting in a new phone, it has a Google verification code, can I get some help

  3. Hi i stuck on a lg g stylo and i already unlocked it for my carrier and i jus need to get passed the google lock and dont know what to do...please help me

  4. I can not figure this new phoneout
    Keep getting locked out of Google and other apps. Help please

  5. +15155327373 That unknowm person from this no. is opening my google account That in this regard I have recieved so many sms from google. That I request you kindly take an action aginst this person and oblige me.

  6. What's my Google account code, cus each time I try to open play store with the code I have it wil stay error retrieving information from server

  7. Sorry each time I want to open my play store it always says redeem code but each time I do it says error retrieving information from server what can I do please help me

  8. I got a verification code sent to my new cell and entered it but gmail said can't verify that it's me so wouldn't let me in???

  9. Does anyone have a phone number to gmail that I can call

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  12. Verification code fomy account

  13. I have not got any notification code

  14. Thank you very much for the sharing! COOL..

  15. This isn't helping me.because I'm trying to set up my new phone.and I can't get sms messages or email on it


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