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September 30, 2016

The Keyword: Google's New Unified Blog

Google has a new blog that merges 19 of its most popular blogs, including the Official Google Blog, Gmail's blog, Google Drive blog, Chrome's blog, Android's blog and more. You can find it at and it's called The Keyword.

"We wanted to make it easier for people to find news from Google about what we're up to. With that in mind, today we're launching the Keyword — a new destination for the latest news from inside Google, from Android to Translate. The Keyword is all the stuff we had across 19 blogs, in one place — so you don't have to hop from one blog to another to find the latest update. If you're looking for something from Google from now on, chances are it's here," mentions Emily Wood.

The most interesting thing about this change is that Google abandoned Blogger and uses a completely new blogging platform. There's a section that showcases the latest tweets from Google's main Twitter accounts, a list of the latest stories and news. You can filter blog posts by Google product or by topic and you can use the same filters for search results too.


  1. No longer contains full post content in the RSS feed. :-(

    1. So bad. So, so, so bad. I am not sure how I can notify. So bad.

  2. For those mentioning RSS, it looks like the feed works fine and is full:

    "The most interesting thing about this change is that Google abandoned Blogger and uses a completely new blogging platform."

    I noticed this too, and I wonder if it bodes ill for Blogger. The Blogger Android app is creaking along, Blogger's default templates look very outdated, and yet new expressions and a new blog widget were added this year. I can't understand Google's stance towards Blogger/Blogspot. There are lots of mixed messages. I'm forever wondering when/if is the time to move to Wordpress. I'd prefer staying on Blogger but I'm nervous they will kill it any day now.

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