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March 30, 2006

Will Google Buy Facebook?

Google may periodically sell up to 5.3 million shares of stock according to a regulatory filing on Wednesday. At its current share price of $394.98 a share, a sale of 5.3 million shares would raise nearly $2.1 billion.

Facebook, the Web site where students around the world socialize and swap information, has put itself on the block, BusinessWeek Online has learned. The owners of the privately held company have turned down a $750 million offer and hope to fetch as much as $2 billion in a sale, senior industry executives familiar with the matter say.

Well, can you see a connection between the two news? BussinessWeek says it may be. After all, Facebook might integrate with Google Scholar, Google Books, Google Groups. But $2.1 billion is a lot of money. Just consider that Rupert Murdoch bought for $580 million.

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