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June 28, 2006

Google Video Will Have Ratings And Labels

TOMHTML, a French reader of this blog, found in one of Google Video's JavaScript files mentions about new features:

* the ability to rate videos from one star to five stars

* add comments / video reviews

* add tags for the videos (Google likes to call them labels)

Some snippets of code:

// sends a review (if review is defined) and receives a list of current reviews
function updateReviews(url, docId, sortByRating, loc, reviewer, review)

// called when submit review is clicked
function publishComment(url, docId, loc, name, review)

// sends a tag (if name is defined) and receives a list of current tags
function updateTags(url, docId, name)

function setStars(url, docId, val, location)

So Google Video really tries to catch up with YouTube and will add the missing features.

Update: the new features are live. You can search the videos using the label operator, for example label:funny.

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