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June 26, 2006

Much Ado About Digg 3.0

I've initially written a post about the changes in the latest iteration of Digg, but then I've realized everyone does this.

Digg 3.0 brings 6 categories: technology, science, games, videos, entertainment, world & business and each category has more topics. It's nice that you can personalize the homepage to see the news you're mainly interested in. But apart from that, there isn't too much too say about the new Digg. The site is slow, it has many redundant links (like the "More" after each story description), there's less space for the story because of the ads. To view your history, you must make an extra click. The font size is too small and very hard to read.

What do you think about the new Digg?

Digg 3.0 homepage

Digg 2.0 homepage

More about the upcoming changes at Digg (an API, a new way to visualize stories), you can find from the latest episode of Diggnation.

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