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February 13, 2007

How to Handle Copyright Infringements

Fox Studios. Almost midnight.

- Unbelievable. Someone uploaded 12 episodes from our show, The Simpsons, to YouTube.
- Call Google and tell them to remove the videos. They promised not to do anything evil.
- But, boss, we can do more than that. We can find the bastard and send him to jail.
- What do you know about him?
- Everything. We know his handle: it's ECOtotal.

reports that "YouTube and a company called Live Digital will offer no refuge to users who uploaded pirated copies of Fox Television's 24 and The Simpsons onto their video platforms. In an e-mail to, a 20th Century Fox Television spokesperson said that Google and Live Digital complied with subpoenas issued by the U.S. District Court in Northern California and disclosed to Fox the identities of two individuals who illegally uploaded entire episodes of 24 prior to its broadcast and DVD release."

So next time when you try to upload TV shows on YouTube, make sure not to enter any real information about yourself. It's not necessary to do that, because content owners are smart enough to figure out who you are by looking at your handle.

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  1. First I disagreed with Google and thought that you should implicate some sort of a technology to see if you have a copyrighted video posted in YouTube. Yet I believe, the way that Google handled this issue is much better than using some technology.

    I even have a post in my blog expressing my thoughts.