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February 20, 2007

The Old Google Image Search Is Back

By popular demand, the old interface of Google Image Search is back. People didn't like the cleaner design introduced one month ago that removed precious information like image dimension and the domain.

Here are some comments from Google Operating System visitors. I'm sure Google received much more similar comments and decided to put back the more traditional design:

"Google image search is a work tool, and reducing the amount of useful info you get at a glance makes it considerably less useful and more time-consuming to use. At least Google should allow the user to choose which version they want to see."

"I normally look at the url text to check the validity of the image. If, for example, I saw a picture of the iPhone before it was announced and was located at then I would know its the real thing, or if it was located at then I would know its a fake picture."

"This new design is absolutely less functional . . . when I look for images, I do not click on the "best image," I make judgments based on where the image is from, how many other images may be at that site, and how large the file is."

{ Thanks, Douglas. }

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