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June 21, 2007

Opera Mini 4: Get the Full Picture of a Web Page

Opera launched a new version of its free mobile browser: Opera Mini 4, currently in beta. One of the coolest new features is that the browser renders the page almost the same as a desktop browser, so you'll be able to see the web page at a glance. But because the screen of your mobile phone is very small you can't actually read anything: that's why you need to select an area of the page and zoom in. Opera Mini is smart enough to detect the most important part of the page and automatically selects that part.

There's even a small cursor that changes when you hover over a link and moves your position so you can actually read the text.

To try it, go to on your mobile phone and download the browser or test it on your computer (JAVA required).

One thing I don't link about Opera Mini 4 is that it's much slower than the previous version, but hopefully Opera will improve the performance until the browser gets out of beta.

Opera compared it with iPhone's Safari browser, but, as you can see in this video, iPhone's transitions are much smoother and there are multiple levels of zoom.

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