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November 16, 2010

Google Docs AutoCorrect

If you frequently make a mistake when you type a word in Google Docs, you can now ask Google to automatically correct the mistake for you. Right-click on the word, select "AutoCorrect" and pick the most appropriate correction.

By default, Google Docs automatically converts (c) to the copyright sign ©, 1/2 to ½, but you can add other rules to the "Text substitution" section of the preferences dialog.

Google Docs also added LaTeX shortcuts to the equation editor and you can now insert images inside of a cell in a spreadsheet.

{ via Google Docs Blog }


  1. No if this feature was only in Gmail also.

  2. Hmm, I suppose I feel this is a little less "automatic" than Google says, if I have to select which auto-correct options I want to enable. On the other hand, I suppose a lot of people may dislike how often Word auto-completes a different word than they want.

  3. Google is very popular search engine and mostly people like to use it but now a days other search engines are also getting popularity. And that is why all search engines are trying to provide different facility so that people can stick to use it. Google docs are really useful feature and its auto-correct option helps us a lot.

  4. i want to replace "--" with "—" in all my documents, not just one. is there away to add this across the board (instead of in each document individually)?

    1. In Tools>Preferences fill in boxes "replace" with "--" and "with" with "—".

  5. Word already had this iirc. So Google docs had to have it too. :)

  6. I tried to reproduce the first example on this page - spelling 'unveling' in my google doc. But when I right click it, there is no AutoCorrect menu option!! Can anyone help? I have Chrome v8 on Win7x64.

  7. I just tryed on google doc. but not working auto correction. i use norwigen langus. I write wrong words but google doc not show fails. any one help me...

  8. I can't find this feature. Where did it go?