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October 14, 2007

Google Maps for Symbian Devices

After launching versions for Windows Mobile and Palm OS devices, Google releases Google Maps for Symbian phones. "Google Maps is now available for Symbian Series 60 3rd edition devices. Compared to the existing J2ME version that you may be using today, this version of the app offers GPS support on Nokia 95 and a significantly faster startup time," informs us Google's mobile guide.

"The coolest feature that I've found in the ten minutes I've been playing with it is the ability to save a search result directly to the Contacts application! It automatically fills in all the address fields correctly," found Ricky Cadden (warning: the link sends you to a page that plays a video on load).

The application can be downloaded by visiting from your mobile device.

{ Screenshot from Google Maps Mobile for Nokia N95.
Licensed as Creative Commons by GISuser. More screenshots. }


  1. First the new gmail for mobile and now this with built in gps support for the N95..


  2. The UI doesn't look remotely polished as the iPhone's (Google) Maps application, but the GPS support is a nice touch.

    In fact, the UI looks horrible. Perhaps I'm spoiled :)

  3. No compatibility list, just server-side heuristics (which may fail as sh*t) as usual, Google style :-((((

  4. Is GPS support available for a Nokia N75 ??

    i have a bluetooth gps module and would love to have gmaps with gps for my Nokia N75 ..

  5. so instead of going to the website youre just going to ask questions or bitch? how bout you go to the site and see whats there...

  6. my n82 has stopped showing the google maps hybrid view for the past few days... i can only see the map view or the satellite view.. d normal satellite view along with maps is not dere... Is it happening with nyone else..

  7. I got this MapkingS60 Singapore English version from

  8. i've downloaded google maps onto my n95 8gb.i know the download was free, but is it free to use?do you go on line to use it, and use my data allowance? i'm on 3 network

  9. Yes, the application connects to the Internet and gets the data from Google's servers.

    "Google Maps for mobile is free to download and use. However, your mobile service provider may charge for data usage, which includes download and use of Google Maps. We recommend the use of unlimited data plans which most mobile providers offer for a flat monthly fee." (Google Help)

  10. Splendid !

    Works with the built in gps on the e66 without any problems. Seems to import the NokiaMaps saved points, so probably Nokias stuff is actually Googles SW, but the satphotos are much better in this app.


  11. google map dosnt work on symbian belle.


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