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May 1, 2008

Download Google's Help Files

Did you ever want to get a help file for Gmail, Google Docs or for Google Desktop so you can print it or save it on your computer? All Google services have help centers that include information about features, tutorials, troubleshooting guides, but you need to find the information in a complicated hierarchy of topics or use the search box.

Fortunately, there's a way to save all the information related to a Google service: append ?fulldump=1 to the address of a Google help center. This doesn't work for all Google services, but here's a list of addresses that dump all the information from a help center (note that the pages are very large and are frequently updated):

Gmail Help:

Google Calendar Help:

Google Docs Help:

Google Spreadsheets:

Google Presentations:

Google Reader Help:

Google Video Help:

YouTube Help:

AdSense Help:

Analytics Help:

Google Desktop Help:

Picasa Help:

Google Toolbar for IE:

Google Toolbar for Firefox:

Google Earth (PDF):

To convert the HTML pages to PDF, try doPDF for Windows or any other free PDF printer. This Wikipedia article also has a list of PDF converters.


  1. ...or convert to PDF online using

  2. That is one of the most useful tips ever. Seriously.

    Good stuff!

  3. Very nice idea. Thanks a lot Google:)

  4. Impressive.

    Anyone know what tool does Google use the edit / authorize Online Help?

  5. Thanks Ionut. How did you happen upon this?

  6. @John:
    This is not something new. Some help centers (e.g.: Google AdSense) have a link to "print the entire FAQ" and I realized that this option is available for most of them (some notable exceptions: Google Maps, Google Earth).

  7. Great tip! This has always annoyed the hell outa me. Thanks.

    Alex, the option is not available for the majority of Google sites.

    O GOOG gods, are ye listening? How 'bout a little link icon for a single-page view of all Help pages, please?

    I'm kinda amazed they haven't noticed how much time is wasted loading and re-loading pages!

  8. Wow, this is way cool !

    I love how Google is organizing the world information.

    It makes me so wet.

  9. @ anonymous So Mr. Balmer, that's what thrills ya. Who knew!

  10. That was a nice idea of bringing together all help files at one source. Good job done!

  11. good thought by google
    before this we are searching for tips for google

  12. Great, it was a real tip. Soon I will post a Persian edition of it in my blog. I hope the Persian edition of helps come soon too. Thanks again.

  13. Please tell me how to get the Google sidebar to appear ans STAY PUT on my desktop. Please keep it simple. Thank you