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May 8, 2008

Google Plastic Bag View

Google Sightseeing blog reports about an interesting incident in Google Street View: a plastic bag blocked Google's camera on a street from Alaska. While the blog suggests that someone placed the bag intentionally to sabotage Google's efforts, it's like that the wind is responsible for this ingenuous imagery.

"The bag remains in place for quite a long way actually - right along College Road, onto the Old Steese Highway and halfway up Minnie Street, where it finally disappears at the junction with Clara Street. Hopefully the discovery of this exciting technique will allow privacy advocates everywhere to finally thwart Google's endlessly evil efforts to provide us all with really useful driving directions!"


  1. It's very likely that bags of some sort are kept over the cameras when they're not in use to protect them from weather/dust/etc. My guess is that sometimes the drivers simply forget to take the bags off.

  2. Might be easier to disable the Google Eye with a paintball or two.

  3. I really think they should have put a tinfoil hat on the camera instead.

  4. I think it was that wily plastic bag from American Beauty.

  5. Look at this:,-147.721825&spn=0.023523,0.082397&z=14&cbll=64.847901,-147.720795&panoid=Z5UFD5pn9ErSHPjNdC637Q&cbp=1,289.5239167430231,,0,-15.581743114697964

    now it seems the same plastic bag but only on one frame, it may be in the same moment that the car is maybe runninng a red light??? what do you think?

  6. I just hope google will provide (Cambodia) Khmer language in there service! Thanks in advance!

  7. I think it was that wily plastic bag from American Beauty.



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