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May 28, 2008

Find the Font from a Logo

WhatTheFont is a site that lets you upload a logo or any other image that contains text and shows you a list of fonts that are likely to be used in that image. WhatTheFont supports some common image formats like GIF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, but you can't upload images bigger than 360 x 275 pixels.

After uploading an image, you may need to enter the corresponding letters from the text, since the system can't always detect them accurately. In the example below, the site recognized the font used in Google's logo: Catull.

The site seems to be pretty old, but I couldn't find a similar online font recognition system. Identifont asks you some question about the font's appearance, so it's more difficult to use, while FontExpert only handles individual characters.

{ via Daring Fireball }


  1. The best product I've seen to identify fonts is ImagaroZ ( The developed in Sweden. The us distributer is Graphical Systems USA (

  2. This has been around for a very very long time, however it's still really useful.

  3. Ive used this before, I know Rangeresqe did some work on this... dont remember which page it was on..

    Tactical Gear

    somewhere in there, good read.

  4. There is some problem in the does not seem to work. Can you pls. suggest some other site where it is possible.


  5. is the new link...

    still working great after all of this year!

  6. awesome! it's really helping me to know what fonts are used by some designer :D

  7. There is also Find my Font: http:\\
    to identify a fonts in an image by scanning all fonts in your computer. It runs on both Mac and Windows and it's amazingly fast! You can precisely scan 100.000 fonts in just a few seconds!


    Can someone tell me what font is this

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