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August 25, 2008

Google Translate OneBox

Google has a new OneBox for quick translations. You can just search for "translate", followed by a word or an expression and the optional "into English". For example, you can search for [translate d├ęsormais] and Google shows the entry from an automatically-generated bilingual dictionary.

Unfortunately, you can't use the search box as a shortcut for Google Translate because full texts aren't yet translated. The bilingual dictionary is only available for the following language pairs: English <-> French/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/German/Russian/Chinese/Korean/Hindi. It's interesting that Google shows results from Google Image Search next to the translations.

{ Merci, TomHTML. }


  1. Wow!! That's really Cool

  2. "You're welcome", Ionut, says Google's onebox ;)

  3. Can you tell me what that is supposed to be?|fr&hl=en&sa=X&oi=translation&ct=result

    ZERO != LOVE (in many cases still...)

  4. love = (Sports) A zero score in tennis.

    But I don't understand why Google doesn't sort the definitions by usage.

  5. And a zero in badmington, too :)

  6. That should be badminton, sorry.

  7. You can add optional translation direction, for example

  8. Are online Translators (google translate) any good?
    I've fed a lot of translation through google translator. I mean a lot.I have a french friend who I correspond with on the internet--she is far too polite to say whether or not I am WAY off the mark. She helps me with some things, I help her with some things (english wise). Every once in a while I just had a feeling something was off. So after translating a correspondence one time, I copy and pasted it into the reverse box, and re-translated the french back into english. My sentences were ALL messed up, and many made no sense when re-translated back into english! Why is that? Shouldn't the translator be doing it's job, and be putting the words in the proper places? Are these translators really any good, or am I just in big trouble when it comes to corresponding to my french internet friend?


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