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August 25, 2008

YouTube Uploader Powered by Gears

You can now upload videos larger than 100 MB to YouTube without installing a dedicated software. YouTube started to use Gears to upload videos.

The latest version of Gears introduces some new features that make manipulating large files so much easier.
Gears now makes uploading large and multiple files on the web much easier, giving you the primitives to roll a resumable uploader, which means hopefully we can see custom desktop uploaders go away soon. (...) Another cool new feature is the Blob API. Unlike strings, blobs let you reference arbitrary binary data — a first for JavaScript! Therefore, blobs can more naturally represent things like files and images, and they can be passed around efficiently. (...) We have also extended the Desktop API with a new method, openFiles(), which allows users to select multiple files of a particular content type, and then returns them as blobs for easy uploading or worker processing.

The multi-video uploader is useful if you want to upload more than one video from a single video and if some of your videos have more than 100 MB. "Each video can be up to 10 minutes in length and up to 1GB in size. These videos will be available in My Videos after they have finished processing. It may take 30 minutes or more for extremely large files to appear on your My Videos page."

{ Thanks, Hebbet. }


  1. OK, so when Google will release Gmail with Gears support, we can expect comfortable attachments uploading.. Nice :-)

  2. I'd love to see the 10 min long, 1 GB video...

  3. Sounds like fun... .AVI here we go!


  4. Ionut,

    Reading this post via RSS, I noticed a Google Ad at the bottom - part of your trial? The URL changes depending on whereabouts the ad was clicked, too....

  5. 64 Bit browser... what I need to do ? Wait next year ? When 64 bit OS released .. and still problem :(

  6. @heebiejeebieclub:

    Yes, I enabled AdSense for Feeds and you should see one ad every three posts. I'm not sure if I'll keep this option enabled much longer.

    Regarding the changing URLs, Google uses an interesting HTML attribute: ismap.

  7. I'd really love to see Gmail and iGoogle have Gears support.

    It is so annoying when iGoogle refreshes automatically and ends up half killing the browser... (and this is on a fast computer!)
    Worse is that Google STILL hasn't even made the iGoogle page more dynamic in updates either..
    (does the iGoogle update work like this? not tried it yet)

  8. HAs anyone else had problems with this installation? I can't upload following this. IE8 emulating IE7 windows Vista Business. Please don't suggest Firefox (!)

  9. @David Link Talking Therapies, definitely use Firefox

  10. Hey, nice addition.

    But also a remove button would be nice. I selected a video I didn't wanted and can't remove it.

  11. I can't upload videos to youtube using this new gadget. I get the following error:

    0% network error

  12. error... and no upload what a f****

  13. It seems like this does not support some language, no i can not upload the videos any more. always "server error"

  14. For now, Multi-uploads only works if you remove any foreign language fonts like Japanese, Chinese, Arabic & others.

  15. has nothing to do with foreign languages as far as I can tell, since I filled my descriptions in English. Gears doesn't care if you fill in video category or tags, but INSISTS you fill in a title and description. Title too can be whatever you want. I've been experimenting with a particular file by the way to figure out what exactly causes the problem, I have some idea of what, but no idea of why..both why the problem is the way it is and more importantly WHY youtube didn't keep it's old multiuploader and forced us with this turd software!!!

    Anyway, back to my explanation...the whole thing boils down to what your description is. I don't exactly know what causes and issue, but all the descriptions need to be the same, and need to satisfy certain hidden criteria. If lets say you're uploading 6 files, 3 with one description and 3 with something else....then the first three get uploaded and you get " 0% sever error " on the 4th. What this has to do with servers eludes me...but anyway. I uploaded 3 files yesterday with a description starting "This video yada, yada..." and that got uploaded no problems. But today I tried one with a description starting "How blah blah does blah blah is the point of this video" . Just removing this description and doing nothing else made the file get uploaded.... ???!!! . Maybe the google wanted a question mark after the how statement...not possible in this case. Maybe google is full of crap . Maybe both.

    THE POINT: If you get a "0% server error" and were frustrated like me about this time yesterday, put in a simple description like "hello" and test it...put the same description for everything. If it works, comment here and validate what I'm saying. This way google will know what to fix, and we need to know how to fix google, so they don't screw around with every site and impregnate it with their crappy unfinished software.

  16. SOLUTION !!! Read the comment above mine because he or she has right
    I just typed in "hello" in all the three fields and it worked
    U can change the titel, description and labels afterwords anyway..

  17. the "Hello " solution doesn't work for me.
    I was abled to upload a few videos with the multiuploader without any problems but as soon as the file is larger then 100 MB it suddenly says 0% server error.

  18. The solution above for the "0% server error" has worked for me so far. I'll keep using it and post my results.

  19. Gears is kinda is nice thing for myspace but youtube erros when you want to do to upload the videos muti uploading but i can upload 1 video at a time by doing it the hard way

  20. I can't get anything uploaded and have been trying for a a couple of days, got the error message with the network. Tonight, I'm going to try the hello in descriptions, I'll be surprised if it works.

  21. Nope, didn't work with this method either, it just times out when it's in the middle of upload, 37% this time. The percentage is inconsistent, yesterday it was 77% and before 4%. At the moment, I can't upload anything and have 14 things to post. This is really bad news.

  22. Who in the right frame of mind would upload one clip spanning a whopping 1 GB while being only ten minutes long?

  23. "hello" worked fo me.

  24. 0% server error - revisited
    Your router or isp is blocking your upload.
    go to
    if your test fails on the upload part- do the following:
    1. Direct Connect- Connect your pc directly to your dsl modem.
    2. disable firewalls, software, router everything - if that fails set up your computer through your router for DMZ. ( you can allways set it back up when your done)

    worked for me....

  25. ha ha what freaken idiot. would turn off his firewall for anything google. google is of the worst spy ware and tracking crap there is. ya so the can spam the hell out of folks. hell i did not like the last multi up loader. it ran 24/7 in task man and if you deleted it it might take all day before it was finally gone.. id never use gmail you browser os or nothing else if i could help it.. i do use your search engine. but thats it. both google and youtube are the largest names on the should have way much better video playback..but you freaken suck..

    im a gamer.i do not want or need nothing nada running 24/7 not your junk crap or nothing else. unless its windows.. and youtube has the most piss poor codecs and playback on the net. and then all of this new garbage. hell yahoo- msn- viddler- gamevee and on and on. they lack play list functions. but all have better play back than youtube.. the vids play back just like the do on your system..

    but no no not here at youtube the largest name on the net and the very worst play back there is. and then the stupid upload 10 vids at a time thingy starts to upload before you can put in tags and not sure if you can hit the update button while its uploading or not..

    then you have all of the folks here with piss poor attitudes. and post garbage on your vids and the kicker is.they do not have 1 freaken video..but a please date or rape me list a mile long..i never even view others page or videos for that matter.much less comment. and then. if i did not like a vid i would not say anything. suckers give you a low rating for the hell of it. like they are somebody.. i swear to god. if i did not have so many vids on youtube id delete my account.

    you have monkeys working for you. its ridiculous.. and i refuse to install your gears garbage. im not going to take the chance i cant delete it or reinstall it when i care too. as with your past sure it will run 24/7. and i read it only half works. i dont need your crap. as soon as 1 of the named sites above have play list functions like deleting my youtube account.. you are monkeys and you and your site's sucks..

  26. when im gaming. my firewall and windows the game im playing and zdsoft game recorder is all i have running. and stupid punk buster fake crap a and b runs 24/7 even if you are not playing a game that uses it. and it dont stop cheaters its a freaken joke.. if i was not a drop anything windows like a hot rock.. macs are way better but they are not gaming systems. so i pass on them..

    you are out of your freaken mind if you listen to this dude and turn off your firewall.. what ever.. im really stating to hate youtube and hate google even more. ive got over 1400 vids on youtube now. and right now i have over 300 to upload.. the hell with it.. im not sure i want to upload them anymore.. why should i.. the play back is freaken garbage.

    some 1 should beat you monkeys in the head.. what you have the most piss poor play back on the net and you save what just a few bits of storage space on your servers. you are the largest name there is.. gees you freaken suck.. and you should delete all accounts that do not have any videos. most of them are perverts any freaken way.. ha ha need a freind list.. what a freaken joke..

    and your crap claimed rights to 1 of my vids i made while playing my game.. copy right crap.. i recorded that vid from the game i bought and paid for.i did not download it from any place or anything else.. my ffow game start intro movie. i think it was ffow. youtube sucks. ha ha i dont even know why i waste my time typing. obviously you folks can care less. or you would have much better video playback.. youtube is a freaken joke..

  27. ok, so this post has out for a while.
    but only today i managed to get a new version of gears to work and could test the multi-file uploader.
    This is a joke really; it shouldn't even be labeled alpha...
    1-browser only; which means i have to leave my browser open all the time
    2-uses gears; the whole system slows down to a halt when you select multiple files, and i mean like 30 or so(and my machine is no slouch either)
    3-it doesn't allow you to just upload it and specify the details on youtube's site. no you have to do it in the browser first. why really ?
    4-usabililty stupidity's: every file that has empty mandatory fields causes gears to popup an alert box.... so bothering met 30 boxes sequentially.
    5-cannot specify options for more than one file at the time
    6-AND WORST OF ALL: Iit generates some kind of hash filename for the raw filename; so when i am in youtube i don't see the ORIGINAL filename

    USELESSS !!!!

    especially when you think of the time it has been around obviously, since this post is 6mnths old.

    google video has a separate uploader; why not update that one and use it as your multi-file upload. that one also doesn't bog your system like hell.
    Use gears where it is for and not for everything you can possibly think of.


  28. i had several issues wih this product most of which have been covered by others more knowledgeable than me so im pleased that its not just my lack of experience or...dumb thumbs....or dyslexia or whatever,thats giving me hassles.thanks guys,keep sockin it to em!!

  29. X platform will allow users to access all the Gear supported sites such as Zoho office, WordPress, YouTube Uploader.

  30. thanks gear!its awesome..i've uploaded up to 240 videos and all is done by gears. even its just a plugin but its better than other uploader software. btw, lets visit my channel on youtube, romance in the rain 2001 (my favorite tv series since 2002)

  31. see, now you guys have 15min video and unlimited filesize


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