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August 20, 2008

Translate YouTube's Search Results

YouTube tests a new option that translates the search results into your language using Google Translate. Now that you can independently select the interface language, it would be nice if the user-generated content was available in the same language.

YouTube didn't translate the titles and descriptions for all the videos, but it decided to use Google Translate's JavaScript API to perform the translations when they are needed, much like Twitter Search. If you click on "translate results into my language", YouTube sets a preference and all the search results will have titles and descriptions in your language, assuming it's supported by Google Translate.

The translation API offered by Google can be easily integrated in web applications, especially that it can now preserve HTML markup. I expect to see a lot of applications that take advantage of the API, from webmail services like Gmail to browsers and IM clients.

In other machine translation news, Google Dictionary has a new interface and it now supports more language pairs. There's also a section for definitions found on the web.

{ Thanks, Aleksandr. }


  1. How do I switch this *censored* thing of? It translates the name Kapa into capacity.

    Can I mark words as do-not-translate somehow? My BF has uploaded a vid and is now bugging me why it says he is talking about capacity and what _I_ will do to correct it.

  2. How come this damn word "Вышка" become translated to "Vyshka"? What the hell?


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