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August 13, 2008

Plot Feeds in Google Finance

Google Finance has a very cool new feature that lets you plot the items from a feed on a stock chart. For example, you may want to find more information about Google's stock and see how it correlates with the latest news about Google. In addition to the articles from Google News, there's a new tab with blog posts and another one that lets you view the posts from a feed. You can choose from the examples offered by Google, enter the URL of a feed or type some keywords related to the feed you want to find.

For Google, you may select New York Times feed offered as an example, search for [Google blog] or enter the address of this blog: Google Finance lets you filter the posts from the selected feed using the "search within items" option. There's even an interesting trick that lets you plot some custom events on the chart. "Google Spreadsheets can be treated as RSS feeds and plotted on a chart. Just make sure your document contains a date column and some basic formatting, and that it's published to the web." Here's an example of spreadsheet plotted in Google Finance.

If you want to obtain a permalink for your custom chart, click on "Link to chart" and copy the address. Unfortunately, you can't save a list of feeds or connect them with certain companies.

{ Thank you, Alexis K. }


  1. International users:
    Google Finance is mainly a domestic product - not yet an interational product.

  2. Did they take this down? I don't see the option in Firefox 3.

  3. Can I post my portfolio to friendfeed and facebook, so my friends can see what I'm following? If so how?


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