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July 7, 2009

Google Apps Premier Demo Accounts

If you're considering trying the paid version of Google Apps, you can create a demo account that has most of the features from Google Apps Premier. The account expires after 14 days, you don't need a domain and you can add 10 user accounts.

A small number of features can't be used in the demo account: Postini email services, domain aliasing and phone support, but all the other options should be available. You can test the APIs, the migration tool, Google Apps Sync for Outlook, the video sharing service and other business-oriented features.

When you sign up for Google Apps Premier Edition, the service is free for the first month, but you need to have a domain and you have to configure some advanced settings. The demo account is much easier to use, even if you only have two weeks to explore the myriad of features included in Google Apps.

If you only want to use Google Apps for personal use or for a small group, you should try the free edition, which is still available, despite Google's efforts to make it more difficult to find*. TechCrunch claims that "the free version of Google Apps is history", but that's not true and I'm certain that Google will always offer a free version.

* How to find the link to Google Apps Standard Edition? Go to Google Apps' homepage, click on "Gmail and Google Calendar", then click on "See details and sign up" and then select "Not a business? Explore Standard Edition". Only three links from the homepage.


  1. why don't they give it free for 140 days...........? lol


  2. All fine and well, but if you choose Google Apps you have to forfeit other services, such as Google Reader (unless you are prepared to have multiple email addresses, which can be confusing for clients).

  3. I agree with Sankar, 14 days is not enough to test all the features, maybe a month or so.

  4. I hope they keep the free version.

  5. This is GREAT. If 14 days aren't enough for you, I think that you can always start another demo..

  6. A per user price of $50 is ridiculous when you can have a hosted website for $60/year!

  7. I think it's priced right. $50 / user / year is comparable to the cost of a Lotus Domino (and MS Exchange I think) client license BUT Google Apps doesn't have any hardware cost and almost zero administrative costs. And it works "out of the box"..

  8. Shared contacts?

  9. There's a shared contacts API for Google Apps premier. And look at the news on Google Enterprise blog on the forthcoming mail delegation feature. Looks like Google wants to ship a complete enterprise product..

  10. It doesn't have secure data connectors

  11. Are you talking about this?

  12. << If you only want to use Google Apps for personal use or for a small group, you should try the free edition, which is still available, despite Google's efforts to make it more difficult to find*. >>

    The link for the free edition is back:

  13. I currently have the Standard edition but am willing to pay for Premier just so I'll be able to use the new Gmail BlackBerry Plug-in when it comes out of RIM beta in a few weeks. BUT...if, I ever want to switch back from Premier to Standard, is this possible (without a hassle)?

  14. Yes, you can downgrade from Premier to the Standard edition, but you should know that Google "does not provide refunds for domain registration or Premier Edition subscriptions" (more here). When you upgrade to Premier, you get a 30-day free trial.

  15. Thanks, Alex. I'm not worried about the refund, but I had just read a few horror stories about taking a long time to get downgraded back to Standard. I'll wait until I know for sure that RIM's new Gmail Plugin will only work with Premier before I upgrade to Premier...they might change their minds and let it work with with the standard edition.

  16. I want to upgrade to Premiere, and I own a domain name, but am not using it actively for email or anything. Would that be a problem when upgrading?

  17. "A per user price of $50 is ridiculous when you can have a hosted website for $60/year! " your a jackass, $60 a year to host a site doesnt give you the apps does it, some people should just stick to pushing trollies

  18. what if you want to try to google apps premier just to get the dual delivery option in order to set it up before taking down exchange? when you get it working then u downgrade it and have no charge?
    Not to be cheap but the standard would be fine for us and I need to test it first.

  19. You get a 30-day trial when you sign up for Google Apps Premier. The trial can be cancelled before it expires and you'll not be charged if you cancel the trial in the first 30 days. You'll be downgraded to the standard edition.

  20. The problem is, there is no way to contact Google after you sign up for Premier. I can't find a PIN or any other information. No One to contact. I tried to cancel and their auto info says sales are final. I post a question and get no response. I'm so disappointed to see this kind of performance with Google.

  21. This post is baloney. Google Apps is the choice of fruitcakes.

    Once you get touched by Google in any way -you can close you account, but it means nothing to Google.

    Google keeps everything on file, all your vital statistics, your credit card numbers, AND THE PREDATORY HAIRBALLS OVER AT Google Checkout will keep your email address (if it's not a Google address) in their high-speed spam mill, -sending spam to victims of this Google arrogance.

    Google is a company that has form emails it sends out to those who claim about being ripped off.

    Wait-a-second. I thought customer complaints were supposed to be anomalies?

    How does Google deal with customer complaints? Google deals with form emails, and there's no human touch required to rip you off.

    Give them a credit card number and you are screwed.

    Google is busy building a predatory Internet machine that rips people off, -no human touch required.

    They steal you blind with bait and switch offerings (like Google Apps out of the Blogspot when you pay them $10 for a "custom domain" which then will never work with your Blogspot site, so you have to go to Google Apps. You just paid Google $10 to advertise to you.

    And then Google lets you scream at their computer, which promptly and soul-less-ly sends you a form email saying -tough! We keep your money. All your money and time are us, is Google's attitude.

    Google is designed by Nintendo players. This is like trying to beat Zelda. Who really has the time to try?

    And then Google has the gall to start spamming you after you have totally sworn off Google, even switching you default search engine to Bing and after you've closed your account -completely- utterly disgusted with the bew business ethic pervasive on the Internet.

    It's a predatory business model Google is living.


    You'll never cough up the predatory hairball that is Google.

    Google is the vampire leech that has attached itself to your forehead permanently.





    Don Robertson
    Limestone, Maine

  22. I would agree with the fellow poster, and that is that it is time to forget G.

    The point about the saving of statistics should be taken into effect.


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