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July 30, 2009

Toolbelt for Google Image Search

Google's image search engine added an expandable toolbelt with search options that allow you to refine the results without visiting the advanced search page. Much like web search and Google Video, the image search engine exposes some options that were already available, but they were difficult to find.

You can pick the size by choosing medium, large, icon, by specifying the exact size or by selecting "larger than" and choosing one of the lower bounds. For example, you can restrict the results to images larger than 2 MP (1600x1200).

Other options include the type of image (face, photo, line drawing, clip art) and the colors (black and white, full color, predominantly red, predominantly blue etc.).

Let's find 2MP+ photos that are mostly gray and they include penguins.


  1. I think this option is available only for limited users.

  2. this is really good
    it was the worst kind of search in compare with videos or web search
    this was necessary for image search

  3. Bing Image Search has a better interface than Google Image Search (if you want to read details about each image, select the fourth icon from the top right corner). Bing has auto-pagination, more refining options, an easier way to navigate between results, related people, but unfortunately the results are less relevant than Google's results. Bing's image index is also very small: a search for "flower" returns 4 million Bing results and 34 million Google results.

  4. @ cgull Google still not yet rolled out completly, but beibg in US you should find those updates man.

  5. @jamesk go to and search for "flowers" now you can fing "show options" link similar to web search. Click on that to refine your image search.

  6. I think googles restrictive attitude on roling out Items and then announcing that is it available is really bad. It allways makes me upset when I read about a nice new feature to then find out that all non US users are just second class internet people to google...

    Anybody got an idea on how I can get acess to this feature? The approache mentioned above does not work...

  7. @Anonymous i completly go with you, Google always try's every new update with US don't had an clew why ? But i think the above mentioned feature is not completly rolled out, so we people(unlucky) out of US need to be patient to get updated.

  8. This doesn't seem to be visible in Chrome or Opera at the moment. If you have trouble seeing it, try another browser.

  9. Would be cool if you could add so that u can show pictures taken during the evening/night. Like if I want a picture of Paris during night i'd just search for Paris and click the Evening/Night link..

  10. if i have the the image and want to search about it on the net is there a search engine which will do so ???



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