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December 7, 2010

Google Will Launch Chrome Web Store and Chrome OS Today

Today is an important day for Google Chrome: Google will launch Chrome Web Store, a marketplace for web apps, and Chrome OS, the first browser-centric operating system. Google has uploaded two introductory videos to the YouTube channel, but they're not yet publicly available. Here are some snapshots from the videos:

Chrome OS Tour

Chrome Web Store: Museum of Thieves (Flash game)

Chrome Web Store: Sports Illustrated

Google has already announced the launch event a few days ago: "On December 7, we will host an event in San Francisco where we plan to share some exciting news about Chrome. The event will be webcast live on YouTube at: Mark your calendars for 10:30 a.m. PST and tune in."

{ Thanks, Emanuele. }


  1. Sounds Great,

    We have to wait and watch whether chrome webstore will succeed or else fails like wave.

    Looking forward

  2. google is every thing possible,this is amazing technology in the future.

  3. Thanks for the link on the PST time. Saved me valuable time I would have had to spend googling PST :)

    I've now spent that valuable time writing this comment.

  4. this is really cool..
    @Alex your prediction some 7 years back is hours away..

  5. Ready for you, GooOS. Are you ready for me?

  6. what's the hardware requirement and compat. list for ChromeOS?

  7. Really excited about this, just hope that people won't charge for flash games that you can otherwise find for free on every other flash site..

  8. Toronto web designer -
    Duh. That's basically the entire reason that ChromeOS exists.

  9. So how is Google going to position ChromeOS relative to Android?

  10. It's possible to make money from buying and selling products without having your own store - eBay for example is a great platform and many people use it.

  11. Wao0 that is great news!!
    i am dying to see the chrome OS,seems like it will bring innovation and lot exiting features with it..
    Google is simply technology freak!!!

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  13. hey when it will launch................

  14. Can anyone guide me more about Chrome OS please?


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