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February 2, 2011

Android Honeycomb's Browser Supports SVG

One of the most annoying things about Android's built-in browser was the lack of support for SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). Android's browser was the most popular mobile browser that didn't support SVG and that was surprising, considering Google's push for better web apps.

Ariya Hidayat tried to see if Honeycomb's browser can handle SVG files and the good news is that the answer is affirmative. Hopefully, the next Android release for smartphones will include this feature.


  1. The world map of the market shares of Android and iOS on a per country basis is available at Android is still struggling both in terms of mobile OS and mobile Browser.

  2. Wasn't this kind of a given considering Google Maps for mobile is using (or going to use?) SVG?

    Cool nonetheless.

  3. this is good to know, this is why android is so much better, an open platform

  4. Honeycomb is a bit away for any tablet for now(by at least a month) .... and even then will probably not be ported to a few tablets (the older models probably)

    a bit rough , here is a video of Honeycomb running on a Dell Streak .

    Laters .....

  5. Cheers for that info, im looking at up grading to a smart phone soon and appreciate all the info i can get.

  6. Hello
    I did not see any mention of SVG in Android 3.0 version notes.

  7. Now all we need is SVG drawables/images. Outside of webkit, it doesn't appear that there's any SVG support in the API.

  8. Doesn't work on the native browser on my 2012 Galaxy S2 Epic G4... In fact, I can only get it to work with the Opera browser. :(


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