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February 14, 2011

Default HTTPS Access for Picasa Web Albums

Last month, Picasa Web Albums started to support HTTPS and now it's enabled by default. It's probably the only popular photo sharing site that uses an encrypted connection by default and that's really impressive.

Picasa Web Albums is not the only Google service that has recently switched to HTTPS. Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sites are three other services that only use encrypted connections. You no longer have worry about editing the URL and replacing "http" with "https" because Google automatically redirects URLs to HTTPS.


  1. A cool thing about Picasa now being in HTTPS is that if you upload a photo to that site and then use it as a signature in Gmail, it won't break the latter's HTTPS connection. I like that!

  2. Great, now I'm looking for more than 1 giga to store my photos....

  3. Great. Now I just wish they would update Picasa Web Albums. (Or at least fix the broken shutterfly integration.)

  4. brand anymore....xixixixi
    cool cool

  5. why is it so difficult to link picassa images to other sites like livejournal


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