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February 24, 2011

Picasa Web's Multiple File Uploader

Picasa Web Albums has finally improved the uploading feature. You can now select multiple images from a folder and upload all of them. After uploading images, you can add captions and delete the images you don't like. It's a long overdue improvement that's especially important if you don't use Picasa.

Another change is that you can now upload videos without installing Picasa.

Picasa Web's new uploader uses HTML5 APIs, so it's not available in Internet Explorer, where you still have to install an ActiveX control.

{ Thanks, Přemysl Brýl. }


  1. I wondered when this post would show up. The uploading always got ragged on whenever PWA was brought up. Now GOS won't have anything to complain about when something happens with Picasa. ;)

  2. Good news. Now the web vs. behaves as the desktop should. Keep it simple, Google.

  3. About time! I only wish it was a drag and drop upload like in Gmail and YouTube.

  4. I've been looking & waiting for this for 2 years.

  5. Internet Expolrer does not support html5 filereader. So ie uses activex at the moment.


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