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February 23, 2011

Android Gingerbread for Nexus One

Two months after Android Gingerbread was released, Nexus One users can finally update their phones to the latest Android version. "Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3) update now rolling out to Nexus S and Nexus One. Be patient, may take a few weeks for OTA to complete," informs Google. Ry Guy explains that Google "sends out OTA updates (...) incrementally to ensure that everything is going smoothly".

The good news is that Nexus One is the second Android phone updated to Gingerbread and it's likely that the feedback from Nexus S users helped Google fix the most important bugs. Unfortunately, Google is caught between releasing the Android version for tablets, continuing to improve Gingerbread, developing new Android apps and services, improving the Android Market, so the delays are inevitable.

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  1. Nothing explains delay of this update: if you repeatedly promise something since December last year "in coming weeks" then it is not fair to release it at the end of February and for majority probably in early March.

  2. I am an Android convert from Apple, but the spottiness of the updates, and upgrades speaks reams regarding how Apple does things. I'm not going back to Apple, but Google needs to serious contemplate getting its shit together (aka, run a real business).

  3. I've had gingerbread on my Droid 1 for a couple of weeks, thanks to Peter Alfonso. Runs great, especially with a 1 Ghz kernel.

  4. I'd rather wait for a stable release than have something buggy and/or unpolished.

  5. People are really just impatient. What's wrong with your phone now (Froyo)? As a Nexus One owner, I would love to have the Gingerbread version.
    But as of right now, it's still not that long for the "next couple of weeks" promise. I was anxious but I wasn't definitely a bitch about it.
    I am just glad its coming.

  6. @jeffry agreed... it's not like Gingerbread is bringing massive new features... that said I've run about 10 checkins so far today.

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  8. Bogart:

    There's plenty of things wrong with this system:
    - Poor browser (I'm talking html5 stuff, for example lack of Audio support).
    - Do you use accessories? desk stand, car mount? I do have original accessories, bought with N1 in Google's store and let me tell you: 4/10 attempts to use your phone while docked in one of those (especially desk stand) is a fail. it's the most buggy aspect of this system.
    - The system lags, A LOT, especially when you are turning on your phone and want to use something quickly, but not only then - it lags all the time (and I do not install many apps, or even some unknown apps, I don't hack the system - it's plain system).

    I bought this phone because Google promised quick iterative improvements - I am professional developer and I was excited by things to come - I didn't care about UI that much - I wanted cutting edge stuff, like Goggles and stuff (and especially a powerful browser - Google has the best browser out there - Chrome, but they have crappy browser on their mobile platform). All this innovation never happened at a pace I expected - they will never catch Apple - I am disappointed as I was and I still am a huge Google fan (it's fading now...).

  9. The user interface is refined in many ways across the system, making it easier to learn, faster to use, and more power-efficient. A simplified visual theme of colors against black brings vividness and contrast to the notification bar, menus, and other parts of the UI. Changes in menus and settings make it easier for the user to navigate and control the features of the system and device.

  10. I wouldn't have minded waiting this long if they hadn't been telling us "In the next couple of weeks!" for about 3 months now... I just don't see why I should believe them when they see it this time?

    Google, I don't mind you taking your time to get the operating system right. Just PLEASE don't give us release dates you can't make! It's like putting food in a dogs bowl then taking it away again...

  11. @Anonymous; you bore me. *Yawwwnnnn* Go back to your walled garden, *please*

  12. I downloaded it a couple of days ago, and it's cute and all, but now when I want to send an email (from the Email app, which I've been using very successfully so far) it won't pull email addresses from my contact list... so annoying! I have to go to the contact list, select a contact and email him/her from there. Where can I ask for help? Thank you!

  13. Gingerbread sucks, I like the new ui but its not worth the constant freezing and phone locking up. Have to keep turning the screen on and off to get it going.
    N1 not hacked it anything

  14. Ditto, Gingerbread a disappointment so far:

    1. Much worse battery life - I feel like I am back to G1 days - depletes before the day is over - and I barely use it. 2.2 was better.

    2. Inconsistent UI. Sure, a bit smoother than in 2.2, and the notification bar is better looking; GMail can hurt your eyes in a dark room even if the phone is dimmed all the way down;

    3. Had 3-4 crashes since the 2.3 OTA update about 2 weeks ago - had fewer with 2.2.

  15. I am also experiencing some interesting issues such as the keyboard pressdown functions stop appearing, they are there but invisible. Now the entire keyboard is invisible, so then it tests your memory of the QWERTY layout because you CAN still type lol. Also while charging I went to pull down the notification bar and the phone went into a seizure, just vibrating for no reason and the touch screen was unusable, thank god for the little trackball lol which I was able to perform some functions with like turning the phone off! LOL

    I hope this stuff will get there an official place to report complaints? I was starting to worry that my much loved phone was falling apart! ~heather

  16. Same problem on my stock n1. Launcher freezes about once every other day and ill have to reboot to fix it. The keyboard often locks up as well. Hope there is a patch coming Google!


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