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February 9, 2011

Google Instant Supports Search Operators

When Google Instant was launched, many power users noticed that they need to press Enter after typing a query that included advanced search operators like site: and filetype:. Most likely, these queries are resource intensive and it's difficult to return the results very fast.

Now you can use these operators without having to press Enter or click the search button. The main advantage is that you can adjust your query and see the results as you type. Unfortunately, the results aren't displayed instantly.


  1. hmmm...
    i see i see...
    we just add like site: blablabla or cache: blablabla


  3. and you didn't even call me a pedant ! ;-)

  4. very good,it's very important for somebody as me,I can not express my feeling with words now,just can see one hundred time of thanks.

  5. So I guess supporting Opera "shortly" wasn't quite true, eh?


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