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February 25, 2011

Google Video's Strange Disclaimer

Google Video's homepage shows a strange message below the list of query suggestions: "In accordance with local laws and regulations, some results were removed from this list." The message is displayed for every query you enter, so it's unlikely that some of the suggestions are removed.

Update: Google says that "the appearance of the message on every search was in fact a bug and has since been corrected."


  1. Big Brother is watching you

  2. Google... You need to learn that it does absolutely no good to humor whoever in the world you were trying to humor by including this statement... Perhaps you also need to stand up a little bit straighter.... Don't give the turkeys any slack... Don't give them any satisfaction.. Make 'em come for you....

  3. The comment seems pretty straight forward, and likely accurate for all predictive search results, and intended as a very important service to their users.

    They have algorithms that suggest search terms based on aggregate historic user input. Common human activities such as sex, violence, and politics have laws regulating them in almost all legal jurisdictions globally.

    Seeing how when you restrict information you can effect thought and action, notifying users that the results are not unbiased, but subjectively legally restricted, is important.

  4. Of course it's true for every search. Statistically speaking, the most popular result for every string of three letters will certainly be p0rn.

  5. This was a bug fix on our end and got fixed just now. Just to confirm, we were not filtering out any results and the message was an error.

  6. This is to avoid pornographic search terms, maybe.


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