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July 20, 2011

Google+ App for iPhone

Google's iPhone app for Google+ has been finally approved by Apple and it's the top free app in the US App Store. For some reason, the app is not compatible with iPod Touches and iPads, so it only works if you have an iPhone.

Google+ for iPhone has most of the features of the Android app, but it doesn't support instant uploads and lacks the advanced settings from the Android app.

The app has been criticized for the non-standard interface. "Google+ app uses left-right swiping to change views in your 'Stream'. I see three: Incoming, Circles, and Nearby. The idiomatic iOS design for this would be a tab controller at the bottom with three tabs, one for each view," says John Gruber.

Other users complain that they need an invitation to use Google+ and a surprising number of people say that the app doesn't work well in iOS 5, which is still in beta and can only be installed by developers, at least officially. This shows that many of the 18 million Google+ users are developers and tech enthusiasts.


  1. "For some reason, the app is not compatible with iPod Touches" : which reason please ? It would be very nice to have at least compatibility with the ipod touch... Thanks :)

  2. My first thought was that the left/right swiping was to keep a consistent interface with the Android app where you can have as many different circle streams as you want (so 3 tabs at the bottom wouldn't work). Then I saw from your picture that they've gratuitously put incoming on the left and nearby on the right which is the exact opposite of the Android app so no consistency there.

  3. When can we expect to get one for BB?

  4. What about android app? Is there any out there?

  5. Yes, there is:

  6. Thanks for that - been looking for ages

  7. Download it again from store. Maybe that’s works.


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