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July 15, 2011

Export Google +1 Pages

Google's Data Liberation team added a new feature to Google Takeout: exporting the pages you've +1'd. The pages are saved to a bookmarks.html file that can be imported by almost any browser.

Google now offers three ways to bookmark pages: Google Bookmarks and Chrome Bookmarks for private bookmarking, Google +1 for social bookmarking. While Google Bookmarks supports labels and Chrome Bookmarks uses folders, Google +1 doesn't have a way to organize your bookmarks. While Google Bookmarks and +1 have Web interfaces, you can no longer view your Chrome bookmarks online.


  1. Literally, the basic idea of bookmarking is to organize a list of favorite sites you would want to visit again. Keeping them intact and organized is another issue but if +1 won't be able to allow me to organize my bookmarkings, then it is useless for people like mo who stay online searching and researching almost 10 hours a day... - Ana from Philippines

  2. Ana - G+ is in Beta. It's not even three weeks old. Perhaps you should make suggestions to the G+ team, and watch it develop.


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