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March 8, 2012

YouTube Scrobbler

If you frequently watch music videos or listen to music on YouTube and you also use, there's a Chrome extension that scrobbles these songs. The official client supports players like iTunes and Windows Media Player, but YouTube is probably the largest online repository of free music and it can be used as a music player.

The Scrobbler for Chrome detects the category of the video you're watching and tries to find the artist and the song title, then it sends this information to The first time when it scrobbles a song you'll see a page that requests your permission.

The extension shows notifications when the track changes and it supports many other sites: Google Music, Pandora, MySpace, Google+ (the YouTube widget) and more. At the moment, you can't scrobble tracks in Google Music because Google changed the URL, but an update should fix this issue.

{ via Matthew }


  1. I love the XX :) just thought I should comment - because I dont know many that have even heard the band...

  2. Nice finds its repository.The scrobber finds its effectiency as such forcomming youtube html5 had to be implemented to make browser more faster.

  3. There seems to be a neat userscript to do this, which is nicer and cross-browser:

  4. This is very much useful for Youtube lover. The topic is presented nicely and informative.

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