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March 8, 2012

Google's Unified Gaming Platform

Google Play may not be a great name for an ebook store, but it's the perfect name for a game platform. Right now, you can only download Android games from Google Play, but that may change in the future.

"By next year, we will not be (...) talking about Google+ Games, Chrome Web Store games, Games for Native Client and Android games, we will be talking about Google games," says Punit Soni, Google Product Manager.

The Google Games platform is supposed to be launched later this year. "Soni also indicated that they were planning on making Google Games truly social, offering Hangouts for video communication, mobile games, and better distribution and discoverability for games," informs Android and Me.

Hopefully, the new platform will bring more high-quality Android games, powerful games in the Chrome Web Store and some addictive Google+ games. It would be nice to pause a game on your phone or tablet and continue playing it on your computer.

Google provides a cross-platform library for writing games and creating Java desktop apps, HTML5 web apps and mobile apps for Android and iOS. The PlayN library was used to create the HTML5 version of Angry Birds.

In addition to developer tools, Google also has services like App Engine, AdMob and In-App Payments to host and monetize games.


  1. So...

    How long until they get into the gaming console business and compete directly with XBox?

  2. I've been enjoying Google+, but avoiding Google+ games on the assumption that it would make my game play public without my permission - and I have no interest in people know what games I play and how badly I play them.

    If all of their game platforms get integrated - does that mean that we won't be able to avoid the social side of Google, even when just playing a game?

  3. I know this is not at all the point of the post or video, but can someone please tell me the name of each of the games shown in the montage at the end? Thanks.

  4. Sounds like durex play? We all know how that ends....When done an all time HigH....

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