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March 7, 2012

Google's Thank You Notes

Google sometimes displays some annotations below search snippets. Showing that one of the people you trust +1'd a page is useful and might help you decide to click a search result.

Now Google also adds a link that lets you send a thank you note to the person that +1'd page: "Your +1 helped me find this. Thank you!". It's a cute idea and this also helps Google find the recommendations that were really useful, but the links clutter Google's results pages. Maybe Google could show the "thank you" link when you +1 the page.

Another issue is that social annotations aren't necessary when it comes to the top result for a navigational query. Most people that search for [Yahoo] want to visit Yahoo's homepage or use services like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, so the annotations for these results are unnecessary. It's probably a better idea to show the annotations less often and only for the results that deserve to be highlighted.

{ via Search Engine Roundtable }


  1. They should only show who +1'd it if the +1 is what brought it to the first page.

    That is, if it would have made the first results page without the +1, they shouldn't bother to show it. If it would have been buried down on the 3rd or fourth page (or not shown up at all), they should show who +1'd it.

  2. thank you google.. I like your daily changes on your home page... you have some talented staff

  3. Just a quick Thank You Google and the Google Translator Team.

    My name is Benny and I am deployed with FEMA in the Rockaway and Far-rockaway, NY area in support of the victims of hurricane Sandy.
    Team 14 is among many dedicated Teams out here going Door-to-Door looking for those that for one or another reason can't make it out of their homes,to check on their well being. In the case my team, Team 14 (Awesome group) we started knocking on every door from the 1st to the 6th floor door-by-door of this particular apartment complex which had NO HEAT in the freezing New York city area temperatures and at about the 5th floor or so we came across a very nice lady who could not speak english we could not communicate at all with her it was until she pointed at me like telling me to hold on a few seconds later she comes out with her Mac book in hand and pulls up "Google Translator" how cool was that? turns out that she was Russian she would type her message in Russian and it was translated to English and I in turned would type it in English and Google Translator would turn it back to Russian so we went back on forth like that until were able to help her too. Amazing how were were able to help her and bridging the language barrier with the help of technology and your product. You and Your Team has helped us in more ways that you all can't imagen. As Volunteer Federal Workers like so many others from different agencies withing DHS we have seen devastation beyond belief, countless souls we have heard and seen, so many heartbreaking stories so many people who just needed to talk to someone and some who needed something as a simple hug to or a should to cry on you all too are part of this. The looks in the victims eyes will be forever ethed in our hearts. Our mission here is almost over and after spending 45 days away from our homes and spending Thanksgiving away from our families our lives have been touched in so many ways it's heart warming and like Col. Doolittle said" There is Nothing Stronger Than the Heart of a Volunteer" We the DHS family hold that badge of honor to heart.
    Again, Google and Google Translator Team a BIG THANK YOU for your help as you all were part of changing many lives over here in the Rockaways and Far-Rockaways,New York. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.

    Benny A.
    Team 14

  4. thank you google a lot you help so much


  6. Thank you google for my chemistry homework, Thank you a lot

  7. Thank you google for my chemistry homework, Thank you a lot

  8. Thank you Google for all the support and for being there always so as to make us independent and happy

  9. I use Google maps in day today life and it's helping me the most I also use it for many of my doubts for the day I feel less scared because I know Google is always there for me and


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