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March 28, 2012

Google Account Stats

Google added an interesting feature that shows stats for services like Google Latitude, Gmail, Google Search and more. If you go to the Account Activity page, you can opt in for a monthly report that provides a "summary of your account activity across many Google products".

It's like a personal Google Analytics, but it's less detailed and it focuses on security features. For example, Google shows a list of locations and browsers detected when you've signed in. If you never use Opera, but the browser is included in Google's list, then it's likely that someone else found your password. The activity page also includes the number of emails you've sent and received, the number of Google searches and stats from Google Latitude, Picasa Web and YouTube.

I've enabled this feature and Google says that my "next report will be ready in a few days" and I'll receive an email notification when it's ready. It would be nice to aggregate the data in real time and integrate Account Activity with Google Dashboard, which already shows some stats.

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  1. still beta!
    wait until the final...
    thanks \m/

  2. Great new feature. Notification is a nice touch. I'll request, too, that really unusual activity or changes generate email alerts. Much like credit cards. So a spike in emails sent for instance, which might indicate a trojan hijacking, would result in an immediate alert.

  3. I subscribed to the service. My report was ready 5 mins after the request!

  4. Where are the full stats. This makes it seem like Google just casualy dumps a few recent things into a report. It's not like there aren't a million more details that they store and it's not like Google didn't build a more intelligent tool to analyze that data, it's just that those parts aren't supposed to be seen by the user. If people could see their own full information in the way that advertisers or the government can see that same information, people would be flipping their sh*t.

    1. Try Google Dashboard, it's linked to at the bottom of the post

  5. New Google Drive logo:

  6. About Chrome browser, yesterday the new tab page displayed a new button shortcut to the Chrome webstore (bottom right, next to the recently closed pages).
    Today, this button is gone. Did anybody else notice this ?

  7. While this feature is good to just check how much you are using Google services it is also great for security as you can see if there was some emails sent, some unauthorized authentication etc.

  8. yeah this appears to be a very helpful and savvy tool to have an idea about the activities of Google account

  9. this is the best stats tools guys.. thanks google

  10. Yah,,,All tha best status Tools


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