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June 22, 2013

YouTube Collections

Here's a very cool YouTube feature you should try: collections. It's a simple way to group multiple subscriptions, so you can quickly check the latest videos related to a topic. Let's say you subscribe to the Google channel, the Chrome channel and the Nexus channel. You can create a Google collection that includes all these channels.

"To make a brand new collection or edit an existing one, visit the Subscription Manager, which you can navigate to by clicking Manage subscriptions from the left side of your YouTube page. Click the 'Create new collection button'. Name your collection and select the channels you'd like to include in your collection," explains YouTube. Use the search feature to find the right channels.

Collections are placed at the top of the subscriptions list in the YouTube sidebar, so it's easy to find them. They have a small arrow button that lets you expand the collection and see each subscription. If a subscription is added to collection, you'll no longer see that subscription in the sidebar without expanding collections. It's a great way to organize your subscriptions.

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  1. on cut function, but now Chrome Web Store is an extension, which makes up almost entirely functional, of course, it's not official.
    You can find it on request "subscriptions manager the youtube"


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