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June 16, 2013

Top 10 Google Play Services Reviews

I don't know why Google Play Services is an app in Google Play, but some of the reviews are great. It's hard to review a system component that adds support for new APIs, so some of the reviewers got creative.

Here are my favorite reviews:

1. "I was given a Nexus 7 by an old shaman in a yellow poncho. He told me to install this package and sacrifice a living watermelon to Utanapishti, singing the Bollywood rendition of 'Love Train' as an offering of my adulation. Upon completion, all the disease and sickness in my village was cured, and we knew no more sadness. Also, Mark Wahlberg came to visit and gave us all Nexus 7s before he returned to the 8th dimension of Kajiik Masunraht."

2. "After i installed this my screen went from 4.6 inches to 5! I say it was well worth it. But the best part was using my phones NFC as a key for my mustang. I bet it would work on a mercedes, just put it up to the steering wheel and tap it to turn the car on. Don't forget to activate your free netflix subscription!!"

3. "I got a pony, and a car, and unicorn, and a pony, and a leprechaun, and a pot of gold, and a reindeer, and a computer, and a slave, and a Santa, and a genie, and a unlimited wishes voucher, and a pony."

4. "This app has taken over my life. I'm addicted so bad that my wife took the kids and left me! Ooh well, its well worth it woooooooooo"

5. "This game is amazing, if you collect all the frogs, beat the mini game and unlock Knights of the Round once you beat Level 10, (God Mode) there is a bonus level. I beat the bonus boss and my phone suddenly started vibrating and transformed into only what I can imagine is a Samsung Galaxy S 6!"

6. "This app give me an extra Maps to Mordor! And i can take pictures of Nàzgul while in 3D Panoramic Mode. And I can control Curiosity on Mars too! Thank you Google!"

7. "Cannot recommend this enough. Seamless integration with my Atari 2600 and immersive soundtrack. Inspired!"

8. "This is without a doubt the best game on the entire play store. the graphics are beyond console quality and the storyline is better than mo's movies these days. Level 8 is quite impossible though... Anyway, props to Google for a job well done!"

9. "This service of play is the best there is. Beats Apple 5 services which don't play well with anything. Google plays well...very well. So well, they even have this nifty service. All my friends with Android devices use it too. How my life has gotten better with Google Play services ?? Well, for one thing, I don't have to think any more. Google Services reads my mind, and does stuff for me...WELL in advance of when I would have probably done it.... Sends emails, sets reminders, ANSWERS emails before they even arrive! It is so awesome... Actually, this is Google service writing this so my owner didn't have to...... I'm awesome."

10. "Reunited me with my dad 26 years after he said he was going to the store to buy milk and cigarettes."

Another app with many funny reviews is Samsung Push Service. Here's an example: "After 2 months of staring at the divorce papers, I picked up the pen preparing to flush 10 years down the drain. At that moment, the app download it. Screeching tires in my driveway and my wife came running in the house and ripped up the papers. Thank you Samsung, you saved my life."

Any other Google Play apps with funny reviews?


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