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June 13, 2013

Google Stats

Sometimes it's a good idea to look at stats and see how many people use Google's products. Here are some official stats for the most important Google services and software:

Google Search - 1 billion users (September 2010), 100 billion searches per month (August 2012)

Google Maps - 1 billion monthly active users (June 2012)

YouTube - 1 billion unique users every month (March 2013)

Android - 900 million activations (May 2013)

Chrome - 750 million active users (May 2013)

Gmail - 425 million active users (June 2012)

Blogger - 300 million monthly visitors (September 2009)

Google Translate - 200 million monthly active users on (April 2012)

Google+ - 190 million active users in the stream, 390 million active users across Google (May 2013)

As you can see, there are at least 3 Google services that have more than 1 billion users: Search, Maps and YouTube. The number of Android activations is higher than the number of active users, since some of the devices are no longer used and there are users that have multiple Android devices.

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