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August 4, 2013

Nexus 7 Facts

Nexus 7 is:

- the first Nexus tablet

- the cheapest most affordable Nexus device

- the first device shipped with Android Jelly Bean

- the first Android tablet that made a significant number of developers to optimize their apps for tablets

- the most popular Nexus device ever sold (7 million tablets sold in one year)

- the Nexus device with the biggest market share (10% of all the Android tablets)

- the most popular Asus tablet

- the only Google Play device available in all the 10 countries where you can buy devices from the Play Store

- the only Google Play device available in India

- the best-value Android tablet: you won't find a tablet that costs less than $230 and offers a high-quality screen, powerful SoC, access to the Google Play Store and the latest OS updates

- the first Nexus device that has the same name as the predecessor

- the Android tablet with the highest-density display (the new Nexus 7 - 322 PPI)

- the first 7-inch 1920x1200 tablet (the new Nexus 7).

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