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September 14, 2013

Faster Google Maps Navigation

The new version of the Google Maps app for Android made turn-by-turn navigation more cumbersome. Google removed the navigation icon and integrated the navigation feature in the Maps app, instead of using a separate app. The new interface is more difficult to use because it requires more taps and buttons are really small. There are also many missing navigation features: layers, Street View, alternate routes.

Fortunately, the Google Maps app lets you start the navigation mode a lot faster. "Select a place, then tap and hold on the transportation icon. This will automatically open voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation and you'll be ready to go," informs Google.

It's not an obvious feature, but it lets you skip 2 screens. You first had to pick a route, see the list of directions and then tap "Start".

This tip also works in the Google Maps app for iPhone and iPad, so it's not limited to Android.

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