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November 6, 2013

Google Operating System, Again a Phishing Site?

Back in September, I wrote about Netcraft, who incorrectly flagged this blog as phishing. Many applications use the Netcraft backlist, so Opera, Kaspersky and probably other apps prevent users from visiting this site. I reported this issue to Netcraft, who solved it, but the site was added again to the blacklist a few days later. A Netcraft employee promised to flag the site as safe.

The issue is that Netcraft only flagged Blogger redirects to domains like,, depending on your country. Now Netcraft flags as phishing all googlesystem.blogspot.* URLs, except for According to VirusTotal, security tools from ESET, Fortinet and Kaspersky show phishing warnings for this blog.

Google Safe Browsing also shows a phishing warning for,,, and probably other similar URLs. Google Safe Browsing is used by Chrome, Firefox, and Safari for desktop. "Reported Phishing Website Ahead! Google Chrome has blocked access to This website has been reported as a phishing website. Phishing websites are designed to trick you into disclosing your login, password or other sensitive information by disguising themselves as other websites you may trust."

I reported this issue to Netcraft and Google, so hopefully it will be solved. I just don't understand what triggered these phishing warnings and why they're no longer limited to Netcraft.

Update: After a few hours, the issue was fixed.

{ Thanks, Manuel Janeiro. }


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